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Information can be powerful.  Attendance information is provided to families near the beginning of the school year.  Students are encouraged to set a goal to earn perfect school attendance.  Since this is done at the beginning of the school year everyone is eligible.    


Near the beginning of the school year our Parent Power project starts identifying and scheduling with agencies that serve families in preparation of offering training, understanding  and support with using Charlotte Mecklenburg School tool Power School.  Power School allows parents to track the progress of their student from the computer.  A parent can check their child’s school attendance, progress and report card information.  Additional information not listed here can also be tracked with this tool. 







Students in need of added support that choose to allow Bright Hopes to provide support are closely mentored by Bright Hopes staff and the school support team.  Daily stickers, intervention when they miss school, home visits when needed, resources and other intervention to encourage responsible school attendance.  Alarm clocks are provided to these students when needed for extra support with getting up and out to school. 

Parents are encouraged to get your Power School ID and password.  This information can be requested at your child's school.  This tool allows parents to review their child's progress and start to plan.  Why assume when you can know?  Call Bright Hopes if help is needed.  


Bright Hopes, Inc.





Encouragement, recognition and celebrations take place daily with stickers, monthly with small gifts and quarterly with cafeteria recognition.  We also have our end of school year celebrations.  This helps students and families build conscience and understand that responsible school attendance is valuable.  Fewer than three percent of students that meet their school attendance 50% goal go back to having excessive absences.  Some become school scholars.

Thank you to all volunteers, donors and other supporters for your part in making our efforts successful.   


In compliance with Federal Law, Bright Hopes administers all programs and activities  without discrimination against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, national origin, age or disability.