Many parents don't understand the ingredients for success and they groom their children for failure.  Some don't recognize what they have done until the child's behavior is beyond what they can correct on their own.  We also have professionals in positions that could offer support to these parents but they often choose not to intervene.  Some of the professionals don't seem to grasp the ingredients for success or they assume that parents already understand.  Bright Hopes has chosen one of the simple ingredients to success (responsible school attendance) with a plan to raise awareness of one way that we can build positive character and increase the success rate for our youth. 


Bright Hopes Connect IV


This project will connect youth with employment and career training opportunities.  It will also provide educational support meant to help parents stay connected to their child’s education and to encourage responsible school attendance.  We are in stage I which is our planning phase.




Employment and career training opportunities



This project is in stage I which is our planning phase.  Please visit us later as we move toward implementation.  We are stronger together!

Bright Hopes Connect IV volunteer opportunities


Mark your calendar and plan to volunteer with us on Saturday July 10th.  Visit us again soon for more details about this opportunity.






Nurturing students and parents into making responsible school attendance a priority.