Many parents don't understand the ingredients for success and they groom their children for failure.  Some don't recognize what they have done until the child's behavior is beyond what they can correct on their own.  We also have professionals in positions that could offer support to these parents but they often choose not to intervene.  Some of the professionals don't seem to grasp the ingredients for success or they assume that parents already understand.  Bright Hopes has chosen one of the simple ingredients to success (responsible school attendance) with a plan to raise awareness of one way that we can build positive character and increase the success rate for our youth. 


Bright Hopes Strong Start

This project provides six sessions over a six week period for four and five year old youth of parents who are in drug recovery and or in a low income community.  Youth experience activities that will help them to have an easier transition into school.  They practice sharing, walking in line, taking turns, listening to stories, name recognition and so much more.  They enjoy snacks and receive two books every time they come to help build their home library and to encourage parents to read with them.  


Bright Hopes Health Support

Hundreds of Kindergarten students get put out of Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools each year because their immunizations are not up to date.  These students often haven’t had pre-school services and can’t afford to miss any unnecessary school days.  Bright Hopes will help families utilize community resources to bring their youth immunizations up to date.  






Attendance Challenge Club


Students invited to participate in Bright Hopes Attendance Challenge Club missed at least seven absences in the 1st semester of the school year.  These students are challenged to set a goal to cut their absences by 50% during second semester. (Ex. If a student had 10 absences in the 1st semester, he/she could not have more than 5 absences in the second semester in order to meet the challenge).  


Bright Hopes NA/AA Partnership


Bright Hopes will partner with Ben Salem Presbyterian Church NA/AA weekly Thursday night meetings by providing enrichment activities and snacks for youth while their parents attend their recovery meetings.  Participates who have children don’t need to be distracted while receiving the support they need while in drug recovery. 






Nurturing students and parents into making responsible school attendance a priority.