Supportive Interventions, Reminders, Celebrations and Motivational Activities 

                                           Bright Hopes, Inc.

Bright Hopes Connect III and IV

Bright Hopes Connect III provides free headphones to students as referred by their school in need of one to enhance learning.  We also provide snacks and food as identified to encourage learning.  It can be hard to learn if you are hungry.


Bright Hope Connect IV offers an employment opportunity and support for 14 and 15 year old youth.

COVID-19 immunizations required in order to participate.

Parental or guardian involvement required.

We put work on the mind of community youth.

We get more community businesses to consider hiring 14 and 15 year old youth.

Families receive support with getting a work permit for their youth.

We encourage responsible school and work attendance.

Support for families with planning responsible school and work attendance offered.


Zoom information sessions scheduled from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm: September 2nd October 7th November 4th and December 2nd

For additional information email us at brighthopes or leave a message at 704-723-1194.
















For additional information email us at brighthopes or leave a message at 704-723-1194.







We provided snack incentives to Billingsville Elementary, Cotswold Elementary, Rama Road Elementary and McClintock Middle school to support them with encouraging responsible behavior, good attendance and or student success activities.  We also provided food support to families during school winter break.  School meals are not available during winter break. Many of our community’s working poor struggle to provide food to their family when school is not in session. No child should go to bed hungry.


Encouragement, recognition and celebrations!  We are stronger together!  Contact us at or leave a message at 704-723-1194.