Keep Kids in School


Missed the school bus; stayed up too late overslept; no one got me up; didn't stay at my house last night; no way to get to school; our car broke down; we were out of town; mom got a new job and isn't home in the mornings, angry with the school; angry with the teacher; afraid of a student; don’t understand the work; have something else I would rather be doing; unaddressed medical needs; vacation; just don’t like school; they don’t like me…..


Mission Statement

 Bright Hopes, Inc. is a non-profit community organization organized to implement projects that stimulate improved school attendance of students in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. 



Vision Statement   

Bright Hopes, Inc. working to reduce Charlotte Mecklenburg school absences by 50%

Keep Kids Learning


In order to increase success for community youth we must do more to support parents and youth.  More resources, information and interventions are needed.  We are stronger together.


Lose of employment, unstable housing, low technical skills to request food support and the list goes on.  Special thank you to our supporters that made it possible for us to provide food and snacks to youth and families as we work to keep youth responsibly learning.  We can not do this important work without your support. It is especially important when school is out for long periods of time.      




"Keep Kids Learning" It takes a village!






"A Big Thank You" to our supporters.  We could not do this needed work without you!                                            


Youth Employment Project

Congratulation to those who participated in our youth employment project.  All youth gained employment with community businesses.  We are so proud of you!