Bright Hopes, Inc


Privacy Policy


Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to Bright Hopes, Inc. That is why we adopted the following policy which explains our position on information gathering and how we intend to use, share and collect personal information.  We want you to know that the information you share with us will be treated with care.  Participation is voluntary and all requested information is needed for participation.  Updates that might occur are available by checking this website.  It is important to note that the privacy policy varies within the different projects based on project activities and information needed to carry out the mission of Bright Hopes, Inc., which is to encourage improved school attendance by students in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS). 

Personal Information

School Attendance Challenge:


Information gained by Bright Hopes, Inc. will include but not be limited to student's name, grade,telephone number and information on the school attendance of the students who joins the school attendance challenge.  It will also gain the name, signature and telephone number of the student's personal sponsor.  This information will be gathered by staff and volunteers who will only gather information needed to fulfill the mission of Bright Hopes.  This information will also be used to keep the students and sponsors informed of activities.  Bright Hopes assumes no responsibility for gifts or information not received due to a student or family move.  It is the families responsiblity to keep Bright Hopes aware of how to make contact with them by providing written up to date information.   


Personal Information

Elementary School Partnership:

Information will be shared between school personnel and Bright Hopes, Inc. in order to assist families with addressing low-school attendance.    The school system will follow their privacy policies for storing personal information.  Information about you will be shared with other agencies for the purpose of gaining resources to address the needs of the family and to carry out the mission of Bright Hopes, Inc. which is to encourage improved school attendance.  Bright Hopes, Inc. will do what is within its power to protect your privacy based on NC laws.