Many parents don't understand the ingredients for success and they groom their children for failure.  Some don't recognize what they have done until the child's behavior is beyond what they can correct on their own.  We also have professionals in positions that could offer support to these parents but they often choose not to intervene.  Some of the professionals don't seem to grasp the ingredients for success or they assume that parents already understand.  Bright Hopes has chosen one of the simple ingredients to success (responsible school attendance) with a plan to raise awareness of one way that we can build positive character and increase the success rate for our youth. 


Bright Hopes Connect IV and Bright Hopes Connect III

Bright Hopes Connect IV will connect 14 and 15 year old youth with employment and career training opportunities.  It will also provide educational support meant to help parents stay connected to their child’s education and to encourage responsible school and work attendance.

Bright Hopes Connect III provides headphones to students identified by their teacher as needing one in order to responsibly stay connected with their learning.  Four schools have been served.  Many students who are learning virtually are challenged by numerous distractions.  They can mute to control interference for other learners but this doesn’t help them control their own learning environment.  We also provide snacks and food to students and families to encourage learning and reduce distractions.

(Bright Hopes Connect and Connect II projects are finished)

Bright Hopes Connect II served families of students who for whatever the reason didn’t stay connected with their child’s school and or educational enrichment support once schools closed on March 16th.  Bright Hopes assisted families with working with their child’s school to get what was needed for learning.  

Bright Hopes Connect assisted low-income families with identifying free after-school and summer learning programs to keep them learning.   







Youth Employment and Career training Opportunity Connections - Bright Hopes Connect IV


Zoom information sessions scheduled from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm: September 2nd October 7th November 4th and December 2nd

Students who we serve directly are required to have taken their COVID-19 vaccine.

For additional information email us at brighthopes or leave a message at 704-723-1194.


Bright Hopes Connect IV volunteer opportunities


Mark your calendar and plan to volunteer with us on Saturday September 11th.  Volunteer hours are between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm.  You must have taken your COVID-19 vaccine in order to volunteer. 






Nurturing students and parents into making responsible school attendance a priority.